There are three main methods by which your realtor at Guardian Group Realty will go about selling your property. Our sell strategies are always ongoingly communicated to you, the seller, in order to provide a method best suited to your needs and wants. We ensure that throughout the property sale process your needs are kept as a priority.

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Sale by Auction

An auction is a private sale conducted at a specific time and date, usually at the property for sale’s location. A licenced real estate agent, in accordance with Australian state rules and regulations, will conduct the auction.

By nature, an auction creates a sense of urgency amongst potential buyers, as they must act now or risk loosing out on the opportunity to purchase. This creates a competitive environment, and as such can provide the seller the best chance to achieve the highest possible sale price.

A seller will set a reserve price with their real estate agent prior to the auction, in order to ensure that their interests are still met, and the property is sold for a price on or above what is desired.

Sale by Private Treaty

If you have a specific price in mind for your property, then a private treaty sale is perfect for you. This method of selling property allows you to set the exact asking price for your home that your real estate agent to negotiate to potential buyers.

In essence, it gives you, the seller, greater control over the sale of your property. Your Guardian Group Realty agent can provide guidance in establishing you asking price, through their expertise in the local area property market.

Sale by Expressions of Interest

A property sale by Expressions of Interest is when buyers are invited to submit their best offer by a specific deadline. A best and final offer is provided in writing by each potential buyer. A sale by Expressions of Interest gives you all of the urgency of an auction but with the control of a private treaty sale.

If none of the offers are deemed acceptable by you, the seller, your property can be placed back on the market as a private treaty sale or as another Expressions of Interest in the hopes for a better offer.

For more information or to discuss the best method of sale for your Australian property, please contact us today.

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