Aleesha Edmonds

Aleesha Edmonds

Operations Manager
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Aleesha Edmonds

Operations Manager

Aleesha forged her unyielding work ethic in the tough environment of the Australian outback in far north Queensland where she was born and raised on workstations watching her father set off at dawn to muster cattle and operate heavy machinery till dusk coming home covered in dust as her mum juggled being a mother and a teacher. Hard work was a way of life for this country girl with a difference as she had her sights set higher then what the outback could offer.

At the tender age of 16 Aleesha started her journey with nothing but drive and commitment to achieve a remarkable and diverse path of successful endeavors starting from putting herself through school and attaining a traineeship and by the age of 18 she was managing a successful team of 15 staff for a prominent fashion brand in the retail sector.
Aleesha’s unrelenting enthusiasm, initiative and natural knack for enterprise saw her rise quickly on the corporate ladder by the age of 20 she was running 15 retail stores and a team of 200 staff across Queensland. Aleesha soon showed her aptitude for creating leaders and inspiring a strong sense of good business practice and culture for over a decade changing the course and structures of well known Australian retail brands from redoing training manuals from the top down to championing and implementing leadership programs that created dozens of future regional and state managers using her keen eye for talent and opportunity.

Content with her achievements and role in the success of many businesses and people, Aleesha decided to spread her wings and start her own ventures with a wealth of knowledge and experience and the ethos that “The most important decision about your goals is not what you’re willing to do to achieve them, but what you are willing to give up.” and “Success takes sacrifice.” Aleesha moved abroad and was integral in the launch of multiple highly successful businesses across south-east Asia, a journey that brought her to the guardian group in 2012 Aleesha worked with and on the companies main asset, “the team”. Aleesha is a People Manager, supporting her team from every angle,Creating a Leadership program for the company to help promote progression and passion from within as well as formulating best business practices putting guardian group ahead of its competition. Great leaders create more Great Leaders.“Remember what we do is serious but let’s not take ourselves too seriously”.

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